FosterShip: Transforming the Foster Care system

FosterShip is thrilled to announce the official launch of its Indiegogo campaign, leveraging the power of individuals to solve significant social problems. The campaign is also supported by Glee’s Darren Criss, who will be donating a special prize to the campaign.

FosterShip is a pioneer in Foster Care reform, with a mission to recruit, educate, inspire, and connect leaders in the foster care system so that all children receive the care they deserve. The fundraising campaign ‘s objective is to raise funds to pilot FosterShip’s Graduate School Fellowship, which matches graduate students with policy, advocacy, direct care, and legal Foster Care organizations to provide expertise that yields better solutions for children in foster care. For example, a Fellow might be placed in a Direct Care organization struggling with finding strategies to recruit foster parents in hard-to-reach districts, or in an advocacy organization hoping to decrease burnout among social workers.
In the long run FosterShip aims to serve as a leadership pipeline into foster care so that the next generation of leaders is equipped to tackle the sector’s unique challenges. FosterShip also provides a rigorous professional development program to Fellows that delves into the nuances of the system and inspires them to make a change.

A former homeless teenager herself, FosterShip’s Founder Rebecca Cranston explains “The Foster Care sector is vastly under-resourced. Organizations are burdened by heavy caseloads, and in many instances are spreading their budgets incredibly thin. We are providing top talent to organizations that otherwise wouldn’t have the funding for enough manpower to solve the Foster Care System’s deeper issues.  In turn, our Fellows are a part of a broader effort to raise awareness, when they return to their communities inspired to drive change on a systemic level.”

Drawing from Cranston’s experience in education reform, she says “Our goal is to draw from successful models in another distressed sector—education—and bring proven solutions to the foster care sector. We’ve seen great work from organizations like Teach for America and Education Pioneers, which have played a large role in closing the opportunity gap and educating the hardest-to-reach kids.”

About FosterShip: FosterShip’s mission is to recruit, educate, inspire, and connect leaders in foster care to provide all children with the care they deserve. Through its Fellowship programs and Alumni services, FosterShip attracts talent at critical career junctures, prepares them for leadership careers in foster care, and advances them along a path to drive the most impact for children. For questions visit or contact

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Rebecca Cranston

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