Adoption Triad resources from Child Welfare Information Gateway

This month, Adoption Triad focuses on how adoptive parents can help their adoptive and biological children become a cohesive family unit. Changing the family dynamic for any reason often requires planning to ensure an easier transition period. The resources below provide some tips and ideas on how to ease the adjustment period for all family members.

  1. Review Creating a Family’s “Top Ten Tips for Blending Children by Birth and Adoption”. The article provides tips and resources for families with children by birth and adoption.
  2. Explore why it’s important for families to recognize similarities and differences when “Making Blended Families Work” on the Adoptive Families website.
  3. Learn four ways parents can ease the transition of becoming a family when blending siblings from birth and adoption “When One Child is Adopted and the Other Isn’t” at

Finally, Disney Junior’s animated series “Doc McStuffins” features an adoption storyline, which began on Friday, March 4 (8:00–8:30 a.m. EST), on Disney Channel. The multiepisode story arc will showcase the McStuffins family as they experience the joys of adoption while adjusting to a new baby in the house. Geared toward kids age 2–7 and their families, the storylines will focus on a variety of emotions and the situations young children may encounter when a new baby arrives in the family. 

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